Rabbit Hunter :Poker-based game seen at the Sunset Station.

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Turbo Poker :Video poker game under German rules, this time with no bright spark. When Starburst was released, its mesmerizing sound set a precedent, and influenced countless other slots soundtracks. Jan 8 Roul 8 : The Wizard analyzes the roulette side bet Roul 8. You will see the quality of the graphics and hear the appealing soundtrack for yourself. Las Vegas Half Marathon :. Ask the Wizard 57 :Lots of readers' questions answered. Brilliant on the Deal Video Poker :. Ask the Wizard 56 :Lots of readers' questions answered.

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Above-board bet calculator :Simple sports betting calculator to calculate the house edge arrange any straight bet. This game has a unique look and feel, thanks to its extended number of reels and slots. Casino : The Wizard gets risque with his ph. Arrange each of those pages, "T" represents any valued card. Buffalo Blitz drop in machine have same rules, like altogether other modern projects. Royal Deal Poker : Royal Deal Poker is the same as conventional video poker, apart from pays 10, coins for a agreement royal, based on five coins anticipate. Safe Bet :Blackjack side by Dragon that wins on a stiff hand. Ask the Wizard 73 :Lots of readers' questions answered.

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Auspicious Larry's Lobstermania :Analysis of the capture slot machine. Blackjack side bets all the rage Nicaragua :I think a new album has been set by the Palms casino in Managua for the a good number side bets. Ask the Wizard 17 :Lots of readers' questions answered. Turbo Football :New table game seen by the Stratosphere. Read our thoughts arrange the casino's games, bonuses, and banking systems. Thread Rating:.

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